Emily Jane

Front-End Web Developer
and Graphic Designer

Who I Am

Emily Jane is a creative and passionate Front-End Developer and Graphic Designer residing in Santa Monica, CA. She graduated from the New Media and Web Development Program at British Columbia Institute of Technology in April 2017. Emily enjoys working with clients to meet their needs. She has built custom websites and content management sites for a number of clients. Emily’s design skills include logos, posters, figures, single and multiple page websites, and photo editing.

She has valuable knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, SEO, WordPress, SquareSpace, Adobe Creative Suite, and photography.

My Resume


1. Plan

Coming up with an idea I start with a mind map and then start to draw thumbnails, wireframes, mock-ups, and sitemaps.

2. Design

Having more than one design idea gives the client options. Designing mock-ups, logos, and icons in Photoshop or Illustrator. Gathering images.

3. Develop

Ill start with a pre-built template or from scratch depending on the design or client’s needs.

4. Launch

Packaging up all the project files and making sure whoever I’m passing the project onto knows how to work the interface.